‘Su Su,’ Follow Me…

     Everyone of my grandchildren is incredibly special and one of a kind, but our little Reeve exhibits some especially unique characteristics, beginning with his bright red hair and cornflower blue eyes, a color combo that exists in our genetic pool, but is most certainly, recessive.

     Also, he’s the first grandchild to call me “Su Su.” Almost every two-year-old sentence Reeve speaks to me includes, “Su Su.” One of his favorites—as he grabs hold of my hand— seems to be, “Su Su, follow me!”

     You know what? Almost every time, Grandma follows her precious grandson to his destination of choice.

     I thought about little Reeve the other morning during my devotional time when I was reading in Mark’s gospel. Several times, Mark recalls Jesus saying to potential disciples, “Come, follow me!”

     You know what? They all dropped what they were doing and in faith followed Jesus to unknown destinations.

     Following my little grandson is delightful, leading to places full of childlike wonder like a bug Reeve wants me to see, a favorite ‘truck’ book he’d like me to read, a colorful ball he wants me to toss. Sometimes, Reeve simply asks me to sit and watch him play. Not a whole lot of discomfort or inconvenience results when I follow Reeve.

     Choosing to follow Jesus, however, requires a deep level of all-in commitment and the likelihood

     you’ll be inconvenienced frequently,

          you will encounter terrifying storms,

               the lifegiving message you deliver will be rejected,

                    Jesus may want you to go where you’d rather not be.

     Two evenings in a recent week, I encountered some of these likelihoods. I’d been feeling particularly fatigued. What I wanted to do both nights was stay home, kick off my shoes, eat popcorn and watch a couple episodes of my new-favorite BBC television series, Call the Midwife.

     Instead, I determined I’d fulfill two different ministry commitments which included attending a training one evening and teaching a class another.

     After each event, I was reminded why countless men and women have for over 2000 years said, “Yes, I’ll follow!” when their spirits heard the divine invitation.

     Choosing to follow Jesus has the potential for the enormous reward of

          experiencing life-changing faith journeys and spiritual growth of others,

               traveling with fellow sojourners through life’s storms,

                    rejoicing when we experience Jesus speaking, “Peace; be still!”

                         embracing the adventure of going where Jesus leads.

     In what way is Jesus saying to you, “Come, follow?” My prayer for you—and for me is:

Jesus, open our spiritual ears to hear your invitation to “Come, follow.”
Give us undivided hearts to drop what we’re doing and say, “yes.”
Grant us courage as we encounter likely difficulties.
Fill us with faith as we embrace the adventure of following you wherever you lead.

May your journey be blessed…

Sue Reeve

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