Swiftly Fly the Years…

Oh! Teach us to live well!
Teach us to live wisely…
Surprise us with love at daybreak…
Psalm 90:12 & 14 (MSG)

     My favorite musical is Fiddler on the Roof, which I first saw when my older daughter, Angie, was an infant. Since then, I’ve seen the movie as well as the stage play several times.

     The first time I heard the production’s song, Sunrise, Sunset, I was a brand new mother, trying to figure out what the role of mom entails. That evening was also the first time I had left my daughter with someone else. While absorbing the lyrics, I experienced the intensity of a mother’s separation from her child.

     I had no frame of reference then, but soon I realized parents must learn over and over again to deal with the conflicting emotions of dread and delight occuring during subsequent major life events, like when:

     my little girl entered kindergarten,

          went on her first date,

               got her driver’s license,

                    graduated from high school,

                         married a young man,

                              gave birth to her own baby.

Sunrise, sunset[1]
unrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze

     Now, to my utter delight and amazement, my daughter’s daughters have blossomed into lovely young women.

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Three generations of women at the end of a busy day. (l to r: Angie, Sue, Mackenzie and Sydney). The necklace I’m wearing says, “God is good” in Hebrew. How true are those words!!

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The sun rises over the Pacific Ocean on Kauai, Hawaii.

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears

     In retrospect, I realize even though seasons weren’t always easy, the days did indeed flow swiftly. Laughter and tears often co-mingled. For me, I can say days of happiness outnumbered those of sadness.

     For that I am grateful!

     I know the past few blog posts reveal I’ve been caught up in the process of remembering lately. Several comments from readers confirm many of you are in a similar place. I’ve enjoyed your reflections and ask you to keep them coming.

     A few days ago, when we were in California for our grandson’s high school graduation, a friend younger than I sent me an email asking for advice about mentoring a woman younger than she is.

     My friend is a wise woman, and I have no doubt she will be an outstanding mentor. However, after spending several hours that same day with my firstborn daughter and firstborn granddaughter, and ending the day by watching the sun set over Bodega Bay on the Pacific Ocean, I summarized my counsel to her with these words:

     Ask more than tell.

          Be authentic.

               Learn from her as much as I know she will learn from you.

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The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean on Bodega Bay, California

     Those words come from the heart of a grandma who has traveled through many seasons. In fact, I felt curious about how many sunrises and sunsets have passed. The calculator revealed I’ve experienced over 25,000. That’s a lot of days. And, most of those flew by oh, so swiftly!

No matter what season of life you are in currently, my prayer is that you will cherish each new sunrise and sunset…

Sue Reeve

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3 thoughts on “Swiftly Fly the Years…

  1. Beautifully written! It’s amazing how quickly time flies, especially when it involves activities with “several” generations. How beautiful it is to see our children and grand children develop into the wonderful human beings God created them to be!

  2. Beautiful family, Sue!! It’s funny, because as time has passed, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the more grateful I’ve become of all our blessings and truly appreciate all the good things in my life. It certainly hasn’t been easy because there have been some very difficult times, but putting all my trust in God and always trying to recognize the good things , I found so very helpful in getting through tough times…….and it worked!!!

    Blessings to all!

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