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Traveling Through Off-Kilter Times…

      Ever notice how some days feel out of balance? Routine activities seem a bit askew? Life just feels off-kilter?

      I’ll never forget one off-kilter day.

      I’d spent several hours talking with a group of folks who were reeling from the suicide death of their friend’s teenage daughter.

      The beautiful child’s final act was inconceivable.

            Emerging tragic details were unbelievable.

                  Comprehension of their new reality was surreal.

      I looked forward to returning to the predictable comfort of home that day. Before beginning my drive, I stopped to check a text. Our daughter asked, “Do you and Dad want to come over about 7:00 to learn whether you’re having a new granddaughter or grandson?”

      A few hours later, anticipation grew for anxious grandparents-to-be. Our precious granddaughter, Emmi, swung her little pink baseball bat with all her 4-year-old might. At last the piñata burst open. Blue colored candies scattered every which way. It’s a Boy!!!

      Excitement left us exhilarated.

            Peals of laughter erupted when Emmi announced she wanted her baby brother named “Russel Wilson” after the popular Seahawks quarterback.

                  Our family’s new reality seemed one of good fortune.

      Later that evening while rehashing these two events, their juxtaposition didn’t make sense. In one household, devastated family and friends agonized the tragic suicide death of a mere child while our family delighted in It’s-a- Boy! joy.

      Life journeys are never balanced perfectly. We experience both minor-off-kilter days as well as major-off-kilter seasons.

      So, how does a person of faith navigate off-kilter times?

      A worthwhile starting point is considering the immutable—never-changing—character of God.

      Our human condition is mutable.

            Bodies change. Wrinkles appear. Health wanes.

                  Babies are born. Loved ones die.

                        Relationships transition. Responsibilities fluctuate.

                              Conflicts keep our world in turmoil.

      Scriptures assure God never changes[1], will never leave nor forsake us[2], and that God is, and was and is to come[3].

      Holding fast to these truths ensures that while life may feel off-kilter, we can cling to God who remains rock solid.

Consider & Imagine:

  • Consider off-kilter days or seasons you’ve experienced? What helped you regain emotional and/or spiritual equilibrium? In what ways has God’s never-changing character helped you?
  • Take a few moments to imagine a video playing in your mind of a difficult season you transitioned through. Look at where God’s immutable character was at play during that time?


God who was and is and is to come,

When events of life throw me off-kilter, expand my capacity to trust in your immutable character. Remind my heart that even in my most difficult days, you will never abandon me. Amen

Instead of naming him ‘Russel Wilson,’ Emmi’s little brother is Reeve Benjamin. Last Halloween, Reeve sported a Seahawks jersey bearing Wilson’s #3!

Blessings on your journey…

Sue Reeve

  1. Hebrews 13:8
  2. (Deuteronomy 31:5

    Revelation 1:8

Off Kilter

off kilterby Sue Reeve

This tree caught my attention one morning as my husband and I walked in the park.
I commented, “I kinda feel like that tree,” “How so?” Ron asked, to which I replied,

Ron took a picture of the tree, and later that day, I jotted down some thoughts about a recent “off-kilter” day I’d experienced. I hope you’ll join me on Thursday and read,                “When Life Feels Off-Kilter”