An Anniversary ‘Thank You’

     My first Listening on YOUR Journey blog was posted last July! With the exception of a brief Spring break and a couple of minor technical glitches, I’ve posted each Monday and Thursday for a little over a year. Often, people ask me where I come up with ideas to write about, and I tell them truthfully, I never run out of ideas. I do, however, run out of time to craft many of my ideas into coherent words.

     I knew very little about blogging when I began. Actually, I still know very little! I wouldn’t have a blog if it weren’t for Stephen, a gracious and amazing guy who manages my site. One of these days I plan to become better educated, but for the past year, the Listening on YOUR Journey… posts have allowed me to do what I love to do most—encourage folks in their journey of life and faith. It provides an outlet for me to celebrate topics related to God—Father, Son and Spirit—; Scripture; people; and those every day, ordinary things that make life quite exquisite.

     I didn’t have many preconceived notions about what my blog might accomplish, but over the past year, I’ve been surprised, encouraged, and always blessed by the comments I’ve received. Listening… readers are very kind folks!

     One encounter was a particularly special blessing. A lady came up to me, exclaiming, “Oh, you’re Sue Reeve! I always read your blog, and it’s really helped me!” That was awfully nice, but then she started unpacking her story. She told me she was about to graduate from a 2-year in-house program at the local women’s shelter—a beautiful facility offering a rigorous recovery program. In addition, she was about to receive her AA degree and had plans for her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Encouragement like that will keep me writing a whole lot of words!

     Another word of encouragement came recently from a woman I worked with over 40 years ago while living on the East Coast. She wrote, “Your blog is so helpful and gets me back ‘on track’.” From other post comments I know my friend has been walking through some difficult times, and what a gift to be able to help a fellow sojourner ‘get back on track.’

     Your comments mean the world to me. Facebook “Likes” and emojis make me smile. I feel so validated when I read that one of you “shared” a post.

Thank you!

     May each of us experience another year of blessings on our journeys…

Sue Reeve

     P. S. A gift to me—and hopefully, to you—has been the photos included with each post. Now, I assure you, photography is not my gift. I take pitiful pics! Thank you to my gifted friend, Connie Lloyd, who has permitted me to use several of her beautiful photographs.

     Also, my hubby, Ron, who loves photography, is so gracious when I say, “Hey, Honey, I really need another ‘path,’ ‘flower,’ ‘kid’ ‘etc.’, ‘etc.’, picture.” Or, “Will you please scan that baby picture for me?” (I tell women often, “A good man is a good gift!” Let me tell you, when Ron entered my life, I was given a very good gift!) Here’s a beautiful picture Ron snapped while paddling a few days ago on Lake Chatcolet of a pod of pelicans.

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\06252016_7028-1.jpg

     Thank you, Listening on YOUR Journey… friends. Together we are so much better!

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  1. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! Congratulations!!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts you have done. Hugs!!!

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