There’s a Mystery in the Journey…

     I ask questions a lot!

          I ask myself questions;

               At times I ask readers of this blog questions;

                    I ask questions of people I trust are further along in their journeys of faith than I;

                    and most importantly, I ask God.

     I believe God desires to help us discover answers to our deepest, most desperate questions. In order to listen for spiritual understanding, we must be willing to relinquish our determination to be in control.

     Listening on our spiritual journey involves a process of moving forward into the mysterious unknown, placing one foot of faith in front of the other.

     As I was thinking about God’s call, a thought came to me recently. God’s voice always calls us to what is good, but God’s call is never easy.

Thank you for your willingness to partner with me, to ‘listen’ and explore together. I pray for you often.

Blessings on your journey…

Sue Reeve

1 thought on “There’s a Mystery in the Journey…

  1. So true… “What is the next right step?” is a great question to ask, as we place one foot of faith in front of the other.

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