Today’s the Day to Show Kindness!

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     It’s been around three years now. My husband, Ron, came into the house and told me he’d just spoken to our next door neighbor briefly and learned his wife had been ill for some time and was now hospitalized with a serious medical condition.

     I didn’t even know my neighbor was sick!

     Immediately, I wrote a card and took a little gift over to their house—a house only mere yards away from ours. The couple had been our neighbors for more than fifteen years. I knew their names. Sometimes, we exited our garages, leaving for work around the same time, and we’d exchange neighborly smiles and waves.

     I’d never put forth the effort, however, to visit with my neighbor. I’d never heard her story. I didn’t know what a special lady she was. I had no idea the impact of her life…

          that is, until we attended the 46-year-old woman’s funeral a couple weeks later.

     Kindness is one of my core values. Rarely, am I “unkind,” (although today my husband reminded me some catty words I spoke while we shopped together at Costco weren’t very kind!). It’s easy, though, for me to be unaware and thoughtless. I get so busy with my own agenda and disregard opportunities to show simple acts of kindness.

     As I replay this story of my neighbor, once again, I feel a pang of regret. It’s probably because of my remorse that a recent blog response from my friend Christine, who lives in Massachusetts, moved me. I feel it’s so worthwhile that I want to share it with other Listening on the Journey… readers today.

     Christine wrote:

     I have a very sweet “Italian” neighbor who I love to talk to. He’s about 78 years old and lives alone.  He also does “Meals on Wheels” for our local Senior Center.  Each week I leave him magazines that I subscribe to, and hang them on his apartment doorknob in a bag when I’m finished reading them. He in turn, brings them to the local Senior Center. 

     The other day, I noticed he didn’t take the magazines off his door, and I also noticed that his car was parked in the same space for two days.  Concerned, I called him, and he said that his brother passed away, and he felt so sad. 

      After speaking to him for a while, he told me how much he appreciated my call, and my caring was worth more than “one million dollars” to him!!  Before hanging up the phone, I made sure he knew how much Dave and I cared, reminding him we were just next door if he needed us!

     Christine’s story is a good reminder to me, and perhaps to you as well. Today’s the day to show kindness. Now is the right time!

     Who knows, the few minutes a giver spends on kindness may be worth a “million dollars” to the recipient!

     Blessings on you as you show kindness TODAY!

Sue Reeve


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