Vade Mecum…Go with Me

     In a little over two weeks, I’ll board a plane about the same time the sun is rising. Many hours and over 5,000 miles later, I’ll join a group in Madrid, Spain. Together, we’ll embark on an eleven-day educational pilgrimage.

     This is a new experience for me and I’m beyond excited.

     As part of this spiritual adventure, the leader of our group encourages each ‘pilgrim’ to develop a vade mecum. Since this too was new to me, I did a bit of online research.

Definition of Vade Mecum by Merriam-Webster[1]

Vade mecum is Latin for go with me (it derives from the Latin verb vadere, meaning “to go.”) In English, “vade mecum” has been used (since at least 1629) of manuals or guidebooks sufficiently compact to be carried in a deep pocket.

     Dr. Debbie Gill, our pilgrimage leader, suggests we begin assembling our vade mecum now, “complete with poems, prayers, blessings, art, photos, images, song lyrics and anything else that comes to mind as soul encouragement for the journey.”

     I guess the new journal I purchased—on sale at Michael’s for $5.00—will become my vade mecum!

     As I begin work on this new project, I’d like to share some of the entries with you, my Listening on the Journey… friends. The first is a poem from the book, Guerrillas of Grace, Prayers for the Battle by Ted Loder.[2] (By the way, I recommend this book highly.)

     Here’s a portion of the first prayer I’ve entered in my vade mecum. The background is a photograph Ron took of St. Thomas Aquainas Church in Reno, Nevada, when we were there for our granddaughter’s college graduation last May.

Wherever you are, blessings on your journey of faith…

Sue Reeve

  2. Guerrillas of Grace Prayers for the Battle, Copyright 1981 Ted Loder, Augsburgsburg Books


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