We Need One Another…

     After my last post, I received an e-mail from a friend from the past. Sharon and I served together in women’s ministry several years ago and participated in a regional women’s ministry consortium composed of some highly admirable women. That ministry season and the association with the women in that group were pivotal in my faith journey.

     Sharon responded to my post about choosing a yearly theme. (Mine for 2019 is ‘Learning to Love Better.’) She asked me to pray with her about a theme for her new year.

     Memories of friendship and ministry partnership with Sharon reminded me how much we need one another while traveling through various seasons of our life journey and as we continue to grow in our faith.

     I feel honored whenever someone asks me to pray with or for him or her. I once heard Dick Foth say, praying for someone is the highest form of affirmation because when I take a person before Almighty God, I am validating his or her incredible worth.

     Today’s post is simple. I simply want to say, “Thank You!”

     Thank you for your friendship.

          Thank you for willingness to read the words I write.

               Thank you for praying for me even when I don’t ask.

                    Thank you for trusting me enough to ask me to pray for you.

     And, I also would like to ask for your specific prayers in the upcoming months.

     When I was a little girl, I said I wanted to write a book. The thought never died. It’s been tucked away since childhood in the part of my brain where hopes and dreams form and are than filed away until some interior voice whispers, “Okay, it’s time.”

     On New Year’s Day, I began the draft of a devotional book. I figure birthing a book must be somewhat like birthing a child. Since I carried both of my daughters a little more than nine months before their earthly entry, my goal is to have a final draft of the book ready by mid-October 2019. If you feel led to do so, would you please pray for me as I work on this ‘heart’ project?

     Thank you! In my next post, I will be giving a list of possible suggestions for a new year theme. I hope you’ll join me again then.

Blessings for a Happy 2019!

Sue Reeve

3 thoughts on “We Need One Another…

  1. Happy New Year Sue!!! I would love to pray for you about your book. I’ve added you to my prayer list!!!

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