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Thank you for Listening on the Journey with me! Perhaps we’ve never met, but I hope we’re soon acquainted—perhaps, friends.

I can almost hear you ask, “So…who is this woman who wants to be my friend?”

I’m someone, who, when I look in the mirror, sees the likeness of a most ordinary woman gazing back. No one remarkable.

To be honest, there have been times in my life journey when I could barely stand to look in the mirror. I didn’t like that image staring back at me.

But, today, when I look with a spiritual rather than human perspective, I realize that person in the mirror is a woman created in the image of God. A woman loved deeply, known intimately, by God. Her image reminds me of God’s goodness and grace. These realizations humble me, and yet, make me feel extraordinarily special.

It’s through those same eyes I see you, dear reader and potential friend.

I’m a wife. While I realize it’s a cliché, Ron, my husband of 30 plus years, is my best friend. He’s a trusted confidant and constant encourager. He’s seen me at my worst and still loves me. Our marriage is imperfect—like the husband and wife committed to it. But, we’ve worked hard, talked long, and agree (at least most of the time ) that together we are better.

I’m the mom of two adult daughters, Angie and Sarah, who are admirable women. I love sharing their journeys with them and their husbands, both good men who love my girls and value family.

I’m a grandma. Even typing those words makes me smile. Rationally, I know my grandkids are flawed, but I confess, it’s difficult being anything but delighted whenever Sydney, Mackenzie, Jackson or Emalynn come to mind. And, speaking of grandbabies, Jackson will be relinquishing his position as “Grandma Susie’s favorite grandson” when a new little guy joins our family in September 2015.

I’m a retired government worker. The final years of my long career with the State of Washington were spent as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, helping employees and managers navigate behavioral workplace issues.

After two years of retirement, restlessness set in. I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer as a pastoral counselor at Lake City Community Church, my home church in my hometown, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Volunteering led to an invitation to join staff. Since September 2014, my title at Lake City is Care Connect Coordinator. Going to work has never been so much fun.

Working with a professional coach helped me connect a number of random dots. I’ve benefited from the coaching experience and am now working on certification as a personal coach through Coach Approach Ministries. My goal is to partner as a coach with women seeking significance during seasons of transition.

Most importantly, I’m a Christ-follower. My greatest life ambition is to grow increasingly into a more accurate reflection of Jesus.

What I believe:

My faith tradition is non-liturgical, but without doubt, the words of creeds such as the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed resonate. The following statement of faith is not exhaustive, but capsulizes my belief.

I believe:

• God’s love is unimaginable.
• God always wants our best.
• God desires relationship and designed us for relationship.
• Scripture is inspired and relevant.
• Jesus came to earth as Emmanuel (God with us) and is who he claimed to be.
• God’s ways and methods are often mysterious.
• Heaven is real; my earthly journey is temporary; and one day, my                                                      understanding will be complete, pain erased, and joy will never end.

Finally, I believe an unseen, but very real, Divine Spirit speaks to the human spirits of us who dare to listen. Come along. Together, we’ll learn and grow, while Listening on the Journey.

Sue Reeve


This day belongs to the Lord!
Let’s celebrate and be glad today.

Psalms 118:24 (CEV)

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A new day is dawning with the launch of Listening on the Journey. I hope you’ll visit my new site each Monday and Thursday.

Blessings on your journey….

Kauai Sunrise, Photo by Ron Reeve – April 2015

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Listening on the Journey in Kauai

  1. As as fellow sojouner on the journey of faith, I can honestly say how blessed I am to be walking alongside Sue Reeve! She is a fountain of encouragement and wisdom in my life. I have looked forward to this blog from the very first day I met her, almost one year ago. I hope and pray for all of you who stop in, that God will richly bless you, as He has me, through Sue’s faith and boundless love.

  2. I have been blessed to share your journey for 15+ years and look forward to your wisdom and insight as I read your posts. I’m proud of you for taking this big step toward your dream.

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