What if…?

Keep on asking…Keep on seeking…Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

     A young professional woman told me recently about an encounter she had in which she believed the Divine Spirit spoke into her human spirit about a different career direction. With a sense of confidence and eager anticipation, the well-qualified woman began knocking on doors of opportunity within the industry where she has worked for several years. She felt certain God was eager to open one.

     None opened.

     Many months and several interviews later, she wonders. Did I hear God correctly?

     Perhaps you’ve asked that same question. I have. In truth, I’ve asked that question multiple times. In fact, I’ve often been a rather oh-ye-of-little-faith believer.

     “What if,” I asked my friend, “you heard correctly, but God has a different direction than what you’ve been pursuing?” “Hmmm… That never occurred to me,” she admitted.

     I’m not sure what she’ll do with this realization, but I’m praying my friend will dig in her heels of faith and continue to explore and pursue the direction God wants to lead her rather than surrendering to the disappointment of observable circumstances.

     Shortly after this conversation, I began reading Ann Voskamp’s, A Broken Way. This book is one I’d placed on my 2017 “To-Read” List, and has been lingering on my office bookshelf since the first of the year. I don’t grasp quickly Ann’s lyrical writing style. When I tackle one of her books, I know extra time is required because I must explore and re-explore many passages to discover the treasures found in her words.

     This quote I read in Chapter 2, however, caught my attention immediately since it clarified the recent discussion I’d had with my young friend. Ann wrote,

     “What if a kind of communion is found in a trinity of brokenness—through broken places and broken people and being broken and given. “

     That’s why, I realized, I don’t like to explore “What-if’s.” There’s an element of brokenness when I travel into the unknown of “What-if.” Brokenness that accompanies





     Yes, there’s always risk involved when we step into the unknown of “What-if.” “What-if’s” will disturb our status quo comfort and challenge our desire to be in control.

     A quote I found on Pinterest, however, illustrates the danger of not being willing to delve into “What-if.”

     What and if are two words as non-threatening as words can be. But put them together side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.[1]

     I don’t know if the words in today’s post speak to you, but I know they’ve challenged me. Because I like questions that sparkle with possibility, I’m asking as I conclude:

  • What if that desire for significance is one God planted in my soul?
  • What if I need to explore a different door on which to knock?
  • What if the desire is correct but the time isn’t now?
  • What if that secret dream has the potential to become a pursuable goal?
  • What if it’s not too late or I’m not too old?
  • What if there are those I don’t yet know who’ll partner with or support me?
  • What if my current regret is a future opportunity?
  • What if I faced my fears head on?
  • What if I succeed for the first time or perhaps this time?
  • What if…[You fill in this blank!]?
  • What if God is simply waiting for you, for me to “keep on” asking, seeking, knocking?

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Photo by Ron Reeve from Yorba Regional Park Natural Native Garden, Yorba Linda, CA

Blessings on your journey into What If?…

Sue Reeve

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