When Christ is my Center…

     In my last blog post, I told you that as a woman who desires to be an authentic follower of Christ, I’m learning to avoid compartmentalizing my life. This happens as I allow Christ to be the absolute center of me.

     One time I heard myself say, “Christ is the center of my life.” Then, I heard my spirit ask, “What does that mean?” It was a good question—one I was unable to answer—one I thought I should be able to answer—one I pondered for more than two years. During that time, I prayed often, “God, I believe this is true, but I need you to show me what it looks like for me.”

     Then, one day I concluded, Christ as the center of my life means I’m giving him access to every single part of who I am. One portion of my life doesn’t operate in a ‘spiritual’ world and another in the ‘real’ world. Every part of me is ‘spiritual;’ every part of me is ‘real.’

     When Christ is my center, my journey will be motivated by trust rather than rules and regulations, policies and procedures, catchy phrases and creeds. Movement occurs as I keep on placing one foot of faith in front of the other. If I’m faithful to do that, even when the road ahead feels uncertain or life disappoints, my hope will remain in my Center.

     This journey of faith with Christ at the center is just that—a journey—and mine has often been three steps forward and two steps back. To help me assess where I’m at in accomplishing what I’m committed to doing, I like to imagine my life in terms of one whole composed of four interconnected but distinctive quadrants:

Emotional . Physical . Intellectual . Spiritual

     At the center of the four quadrants is Christ. As I allow my human spirit to listen, and as I obey courageously the voice of the Divine Spirit, more of Christ’s character permeates every aspect of who I am emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

     In future blog posts, I’d like to explore each of these arenas and offer practical suggestions. Some of the suggestions are ones I’ve applied and found to be helpful. Others are ones I’m trying to implement. Still others are ones I believe will help when I figure out how to apply them personally! Until then…

     Blessings as your trust and faith grow in Christ as your Center…

Sue Reeve

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My mission to answer the question, “What does it mean when I say, ‘Christ is the center of my life’?” is probably why I love this portion of an ancient Irish prayer, the origin of which is generally attributed to St. Patrick.


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  1. I seldom comment, but I do want you to know, I read every one of your blogs and they are all of interest along with a blessing. I thank you for doing this for all of your readers.

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