Beauty in Winter’s Bleak Days

     In our neck of the woods, the winter of 2016/2017 will be remembered as a challenging one. I heard on the weather report last night that December-February has been the tenth coldest winter on record.

     We’ve had an abundance of snow. Several days the temperature hovered near zero, which is mighty cold. Roads have been extra icy. An above-average number of gray days have resulted in above-average feelings of gloom.

     Yeah! We who live in North Idaho and Eastern Washington are ready for springtime! Although I’ve not seen a lot of evidence of spring, the choirs of chirping birds in our neighborhood assure me it’s coming!

     A special gift to me this winter has been enjoying some of the lovely winter photographs my husband, Ron, has taken. His photos capture the beauty of even bleak winter days.

     I thought you might enjoy seeing a sampling of some of Ron’s photos today, and I will be posting more throughout March.

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\Winter 2016-17\Winter - Robert Frost.jpg

I think some folks in North Idaho might take exception to Mr. Frost’s sentiment!

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\Winter 2016-17\Blog Post Photos\Winter - Edith Sitwell.jpg

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\Winter 2016-17\Blog Post Photos\Winter - Pietro Aretino.jpg

C:\Users\Sue\Desktop\Ron Photos\Winter 2016-17\Blog Post Photos\Winter - Genesis 8 22.jpg

     Until next time, stay warm and embrace whatever season you are in on your journey…

Sue Reeve


1 thought on “Beauty in Winter’s Bleak Days

  1. Beautiful pictures, Sue! We haven’t had too bad of winter regarding snowfall, but the temperatures and especially winds have been unbelievable. Waiting for some snow tomorrow, and supposedly a Northeaster this coming Tuesday. So, I guess we could all use some Spring in our lives!! Although I complain, I still love the four seasons here in the Northeast!

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