The Power of Imagination…

     I didn’t know much about Ignatius of Loyola until a little over a year ago.

     Since ‘meeting’ Ignatius through reading and participating in an educational pilgrimage to Spain, the life, story and spiritual journey of this man have captured my thoughts many times.

     Ignatius was a fascinating and complicated individual. Born into a prominent family in the Basque region of Spain, his early life was marred by loss and loneliness. He longed for accomplishment and adventure and spent much of his time daydreaming.

     As a young adult, he was a heavy drinker, womanizer and soldier who imagined chivalry and conquest. In 1521, Ignatius was severely wounded when a cannonball shattered his leg during a battle with the French in Pamplona. The enemy was so impressed by the young soldier’s bravery they transported Ignatius to the family castle where he convalesced, undergoing appalling surgery without anesthesia.

     During his convalescence, the only two books in the house were Life of Christ and Lives of the Saints. Ignatius read about Jesus. He studied saints, who were known as Knights of God. The young, wounded soldier’s daydreams began to include not only familiar fantasies but also dreams of religious chivalry in the name of Jesus, the gentle captain of men’s souls. Ignatius recognized a distinct difference in his spirit during the two types of daydreaming. Old fantasies led to restless discontentment while his new fantasies created peaceful quietness.

     Ignatius’ imagination played a key role in his conversion. He believed imagination can be a tool to draw us deeper into a knowledge of and love for God.

     I’ve always been a daydreamer with a fertile imagination. I’m drawn to the way in which Ignatius honors human imagination, encouraging believers to pray with their imaginations—praydream.

     I’m convinced God is imaginative. I don’t have a particularly scientific mind and viewing God as Creator has never caused tension for me. I can almost hear God chuckle as he created the ginormous elephant as well as the itty-bitty ant, the sweet-smelling rose and homely, prickly cactus!

     Perhaps the vastness of creation is never greater than when looking at the stars. My husband, Ron, has been using his love of photography to capture God’s creativity in nighttime astronomy. In this photo, Ron caught a glimpse of the Milky Way from the Rose Lake, Idaho, area.


     In my next posts, I’ll explore how our imagination can be used for good as well as not-so-good purposes.

Blessings as you imagine…

Sue Reeve

Celebrating the Arrival of Summer

“I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.”
~Kellie Elmore

     Tomorrow, Friday, June 21, 2019, marks the first day of summer! Yay! Today’s post is dedicated to the arrival of summer with some favorite summertime photos.

Every season has a special kind of beauty, but nature seems to show off with extra extravagance during the summer.

Summertime warmth, extra hours of sunlight, flourishing flowers and growing gardens are all great reasons to be awed by the goodness of God’s creation.

I hope you’ll enjoy Ron’s summertime photos.

I’m working on a three-part series of posts I’ve entitled The Power of Imagination, which will begin Monday, June 24th. See you then!

Blessings on your journey through Summertime 2019…

Sue Reeve

The Gift of Today…

Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift;
that’s why they call it the present.

~Eleanor Roosevelt

     I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the gift of each day in the circle of life. My thoughts began when we were in Montana and Yellowstone Park recently. In the fields around our friends’ home, herds of Pronghorn Antelope roam freely. Our friend explained babies were beginning to be born, and that the antelope lying down in the fields were doe’s who would soon give birth.

     While in Yellowstone, we saw several herds of bison, many with calves, which I learned are called “red dogs.”

     Shortly before exiting the park, we witnessed the most amazing scene. An elk cow had just given birth. The adorable newborn wobbled on spindly legs while mama licked the calf clean. Baby nuzzled its mama. It didn’t take long to discover where its meals would be coming from for the next few months.

     A few days later, we watched delightedly as bluebirds fed their babies at my cousin, Pat’s and her husband, Steve’s house.


     These astonishing nature scenes of mamas and their babies reminded me of bygone days when I mothered little ones.

     I remember the days when I was great with child and did my fair share of lying around waiting! They deserve to rest, I thought while observing the antelope does reclining in the grassy Montana fields.

     I recalled middle-of-night feedings when I rocked, sang, and prayed for the infant in my arms as well as those days when a toddler tagged alongside.

     Memories are interesting. Even though we know it was a long time ago, memories of pregnancy, births and little kiddos feel like only yesterday.

     Oh, how quickly our circles of life change! This past Saturday, we watched our youngest granddaughter, Emalynn’s ‘brilliant’ performances at her dance recital.

     Yesterday was Father’s Day, and we joined family festivities celebrating our dads. I remembered the good man I called Dad. Although he’s been gone from this earth for almost 13 years, the imprint of my father’s influence remains.

     My firstborn daughter, Angie, entered the world on Father’s Day. This busy June, Ron and I observed her special day a few days early with yummy Mexican food. Much of our conversation centered on Angie and Jon’s three children, our young adult grandkids, Sydney, Mackenzie and Jackson.

     I would like to conclude today’s post with words inscribed on a little plaque I gave Angie as part of her birthday gift: Find Joy in the Journey…

Blessings on the gift of each new day in your journey…

Sue Reeve